Drawer Sharpie

Drawer Sharpie

Quick access, auto-popup, drawer sharpie.

Rendered view

This is my award winning submission to the Printables "Sharpie Mods" contest.

Exploded View (Render)

The criteria for this contest was to create some kind of accessory or 'mod' for a Sharpie marker. It could be anything. My wife mentioned that she always needs a marker near the stove for writing on freezer bags. We came up with the idea of a simple tray that would keep a sharpie handy just inside of the drawer.

Thinking about the idea further, I wanted to introduce some kind of mechanical action to make it more unique for the contest. I also wanted to make it unnecessary to remove the sharpie cap to simplify one handed use.

Demonstration Video

The result was a simple holder that replaced the sharpie cap, and used a lever action to pivot up or down when the drawer moved past the cabinet face. It's a simple two piece print that connects with a screw for the pivot and attaches with double sided tape or screws.

Based on some feedback in the comments I added a variation that retains the sharpie cap to prevent it from drying out. If not used frequently, the inital design would dry out a bit over time.